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Questyle Q192 review

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by 00lunar, Jan 22, 2014.
  1. 00lunar
    Any feedback is highly appreciated!
  2. jespersen
    Thank you for an interesting and well written review. And - awsome photos with great lightning - almost looks like a HD800 and Questyle commercial [​IMG]. I read something similar in the InnerFidelity review (http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/tight-and-tasty-questyle-q192-dacheadphone-amp) so this Q192 seems to be the real deal. I wish they would do a black version that took up less desk-space (similar to the Resonance Labs Concero HP), but that is details if the sound is great.
    The Resonance Labs Concero HP is in the same price-category and is also a dac/amp that gets high praise and they will likely be compared by potential buyers in this price range. The Concero is even mentioned in the InnerFidelity review og the Q192 and praised as having a slightly better DAC, however, less great amp. As an overall solution it is however not compared with the Q192. Have you heard the Concero HP? And as an overall solution (dac/amp) for the Sennheisser HD800  - how does it compare with the Questyle and are there other solid-state dac/amp contesters in the 800 - 1000$ or thereabouts priceframe?
  3. jespersen
    By the way - since the Questyle Q192 also has a build in DAC it could also be in the Dedicated source components section...
    I have seen other websites spit it into:
    making it easier to navigate....

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