Questions about Old School Sony and Pioneer
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May 15, 2012
Ok, So I inherited a Pioneer PD-M423 and a Sony CFD-W888, I believe they are in working condition and I have all of the wires. I have no use for either of these music players but I know someone will want or have information on one or both of them.
The Sony CFD-W888 is a duel Tape player, a CD player, an AM/FM Radio, and an AUX input. I cannot find anything on when it was made or honestly ANYTHING about it.
The Pioneer PD-M423 is a 5 Disc Cd Player with no speakers, My uncle had both of them connected to the Sony's speakers.
I have no idea how to proceed with anything, I have googled the crap out of both of these players and have ended up at a stand still. I Know someone on here can point me in the right direction of how to find information regarding the value and how to check to see if all of the components are in tacked and in working condition. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

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