Question - Power Amp for AKG K340?
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Mar 6, 2005
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I recently added a set of AKG K340 (Electret/Dynamic hybrid) phones to my collection and have been enjoying my first impressions so far.  I have powered them through my Maxed out Home Headroom, Grado RA-1 (DC version) and Headroom Little with the optional Big power supply.  The source has been my Theta Data Basic II transport and Theta DS Pro Basic III DAC.  Without getting to any critical comparisons as yet the Grado is starting to seem the nicest match to the 340's.
My question is, has anyone run these phones directly off the speaker outputs of a power amp and if so what were the results?  Although their reputation is that they need a good bit of power to do well I have not found a problem as yet with any of the three headphone amps mentioned above.  Still, I thought it might be a thought to hook them up to a small nice quality amp and get some good results.  Of course I would need to be judicial with my volume control as they do not have a high power rating.
Feedback, especially from someone who may have tried this or is currently running them this way would be greatly appreciated.


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