Question For Yuin PK1 or PK2 Owners
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...maybe the most important question.

In your opinion(s), are either Yuin models better than the the KSC 35/75?

I've been looking for something equal to or better than the KSC 35 for a long time. I have decent IEM's, but with portable usage it's occassionally nice to have something that doesn't isolate so well.
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With a touch of bass boost, my PK2's sound quite a bit better to me than the KSC35 - more comfortable as well! Really quite amazing. As soon as they are avaiable with a "Y" cord, I will be getting my 2nd pair.
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The pk1 hands the ksc35/75 it's drivers on a platter, with the caveat that you NEED an amp. My complaint about the pk1, when compared to full size cans, is that the highs can get sibilant and a bit garbled if there's too much going on in the music. It's a transient effect though, and as these still aren't burned-in, then who knows they may improve.

But this is only a complaint when compared to say, the Sensas, or your full size weapon of choice, mine of which is the dt990. As for the a950? They are nearly the same level. The pk1 sounds a tad smaller, may have a tad more detail at this point though.

So to say it sounds a bit garbled when compared to your hd650's (and that they'll do detail better), or that it's almost as good as the ms2i, is something else for a tiny earbud.
The proline 650 and dj1 certainly became odd cans out.

They do detail, and they do fun, and they even do soundstage. Get the pk1's and don't look back.

I know it's a contradiction to say they do detail well but they can get a bit garbled in the highs if there's too much going on. I'll say that it's mostly about detail. It's just a fault I hear and that I'm reporting, but have no fear, you can trust these.
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I have both the PK1 & PK2 and both the KSC 35 & 75. Simply put, I think the PK1 sounds better than all of them, even without an amp. With an amp, it sounds even better. Hard to believe all of this detail and low end can come from an earbud, but it's true.

However, both KSC models are a little better than the PK2. While the PK2 has nice mids and highs, there is something a little lacking in the low end. The PK1 rectifies this, even without an amp.
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Originally Posted by wolfen68 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Thanks for the feedback. I'm not used to seriously considering any kind of 'bud. It's really a shift in my paradigm to believe that these can be that good.

One hundred and thirty plus bucks....hmmmmm...

Any difference between ordering them from Head Direct or TTVJ?

Same price, but HD throws in what appears to be a paper mache Chinese ornament. XD Guess if your loyalties are a toss-up between the two, you can go for the ornament.
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PK1 -VS- KSC75 (assuming proper PK1 amplification/source, which can be as simple as a well designed cmoy and a good vintage PCDP)

PK1 is a lot more refined, and detail revealing.
PK1 is a lot quicker and snappier sounding.
PK1 is flatter across the spectrum, less colored.
KSC75 has more forward mids and bass. IMHO the KSC75 is a little bass-bloated. The PK1 is a little more "dry", sounding, less syrrupy and thick sounding in the bass.

Soundstage, I would consider them about equal, but only when amped properly. Now when you scale up the source and amp ladder, the PK1 can really turn up the wick... and reveal the finite differences between better upstream components.
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I only have the PK2 and KSC75.

IMO: The PK2 sounds more detailed with better mids and clarity. Vocals have more weight and electric guitars sound better. Low end is lacking but with EQ you can get quite tight bass with a bit sacrifice on clarity.

The KSC75 sounds less refined and easier to get muffled with busy passages; however, the low end is more adequate(tho a little boomy) compared to the PK2.

The PK2 is a real winner for $50 (quite good for $70), but nothing can beat KSC75 for cost-SQ ratio.
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What strange animals these are. I've heard a lot of earbuds and the pk1's are the first I've heard that are even worth comparing to a full size.

Like I hinted earlier, the real issue for me is if they can replace the niche that my KSC-35's currently, decent portable sound with no isolation. It's proved hard so far to compare these two because they are very different IMO.

Using a H140-->MicroDAC-->SR71-->PK1 the pk1's sound far more detailed than any bud I've heard but they don't have that "fullness" of sound I've grown acclimated to as a KSC35 and HHF-1 owner. Bass is there, but less. Detail is equivalent (maybe better), instrument separation equal, and soundstage seems a tad less. I'm burning them in now to see if things change.

As I went back and forth between the Koss and Yuin I'm having trouble deciding which I like better as they each emphasize different aspects of the will take me time to really figure out how I feel about them.

Build quality is fine other than having a 1/8" straight connector (always seems to result in a failed plug eventually...especially with such fine wire). Comfort is topnotch. I noticed that the exact position in the ear has some effect on the resulting sound (moving them slightly forward on me improves bass and fullness).

One thing I noticed is that (IMO) nobody should worry about using these without an amp. Directly from my H140, the PK1 sounded 90+% as good it did through the amp. Volume was at 50% to achieve a listenable level.

My wife took a listen (she's using marshmellows now) and she instantly lost interest in ever using the JVC's again. Ultimately, I'll get her PK2's when the y-cord comes out no matter what I decide on the PK1's.

Extra edit: Amazingly to me, I do think I like them better than my UE5c's...less closed sounding with slightly more clarity.
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I've had the Pk1's for about a week now. Best $140 i've spent. I am not an IEM guy and wear buds at the office for discrete quick in/out and the ability to not completely block out outside sound. I've been through a few buds over the past two years and find IMO that they are the best of their kind. I started with B&O A8's (sold), then went to ATH-CM7ti's (still lying around somewhere), short stay with the Bose InEars (returned), then V-Moda Vibes based on the reviews here(sounded better than the ATH's but don't like the IEM part, currently selling), and now the Pk1's. They are the first bud that can convey a sense of pace and drive. Outstanding! I power them with a brand new Tomahawk, just received from Ray, and a HeadRoom Coda desktop module at the office. They are just 'ok' if you drive them directly out of an ipod.
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You all should try the solid earpad foams, it tips the scale more towards the bass... at the expense of detail resolution though.
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Originally Posted by kramer5150 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You all should try the solid earpad foams, it tips the scale more towards the bass... at the expense of detail resolution though.

I'll have to do that. So far I've only tried the donuts.

For some reason they provided around 4 or 5 pairs of donuts...but only one set of solids...what's with that?

Tonight I'm going to see if I can fit my Senn 414 pads on them

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