question for those who use hdtv as their computer monitor.
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Dec 29, 2006
im connected my macmini to my hdtv using dvi-hdmi cable and ive been using some cheapo computer speaker for audio. but now that i got a mini to mini cable i want to use my tv speakers for audio how to i do this? my problem is that if i use "hdmi" as the input i only get video and if i use the" pc" input i only get the sound.

thanks in advance.
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It differ for each television. For samsung tv, the PC inputs are a combination of the 15pins VGA video cable and 1/8th mini input. So to use the PC input you'll need a "DVI to VGA" and "mini to mini" cable.


Base on this configuration, the 2nd HDMI connecter is combined with two RCA connector for analog audio input. So to use the HDMI 2 input you can use the current "DVI to HDMI" and a "mini to RCA" cable.

The 1st HDMI connector doesn't seem to analog audio input, so it should be connected to a computer with HDMI output that can sent both digital video and audio signal through it.

Your tv may have different configuration, but I can't imagine it being too much different from this.
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Depends entirely on your TV.
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what you need to check is the numbers and see what sound input you have for each hdmi input. with that you can determine witch cable you'll need to feed your tv.

Your problem is: you plugged your sound in the PC input and your image in your hdmi input.

Your solution is: either get an VGA cable(normal computer screen cable) to send the image to your tv OR get a mini to RCA audio cable to send your sound in the same input number as your hdmi input.
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Definitely check to see if your mini has an optical output integrated in the 1/8" audio output. The next thing to look at is if your TV has an optical input.

In my case, my receiver has multiple inputs for video and audio. I then use the displayport->HDMI cable I have coupled with the optical output into my receiver. I then choose to group the HDMI port and optical port.

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