question for ATH-CK7 owners
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Dec 18, 2005
Ive noticed these headphones are made of metal material and was curious if the wait exceeds normal iem/canalphones a lot. I'm concerned that the weight of them will cause them to slowly jiggle out, especially using them for active use or walking.

Was also curious how the overall comfort was (im guessing this isn't going to be the same for every but ide still like to hear what you all have to say).

I'm looking at these vs the c551's but definitely leaning towards the ck7's based on what ive read. Thanks!
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I've had them for about 3 months and then the right driver broke (don't worry, not a common problem at all)

They were the first in ear IEM's i used but i found them very comfortable, with quite a nice secure fit. There made out of titanium and so aren't to heavy.

I just did a test for you, put them in and jumped up and down for a minute ( i looked very odd
) and found they did slip out a little bit, but if i push them in a little bit firmer and put the wires over my ears the problem totally dissapears.

Very fun and bassy headphones by the way !

Ofcourse being titanium these things take an absolute beating, get this, i left them dangling out of the door once and the car reversed over them
. They still worked
try and find another pair of earbuds,phones whatever you call them that can claim this..By the way this was a heavy mercedes 4x4 aswell.
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hahaha.. i appreciate the jump test you did.. and yes while the are a bit heavier than other canalphones, my guess would be (as you have proven) they are extremely durable.

anyone else ?
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I owned them for a year, they are really durable. Once or twice the cable got caught somewhere, but the wire didn't snap, just some dents here and there. (of course, don't test this!)

I listen to music alot while walking/travelling, and wear them over the ears. Never had the problem of them falling out. You can consider the Mylar x3 (updated version is x3i) too, they are slightly cheaper and sound great. Of course they are are not made of metal though. XD
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I have owned these for a while, and didn't have any problems with them being too heavy. When inserted properly, they fit reasonably comfortable and I could shake my head for quite some time without them falling out.
I do use replacement tips though (Shure ultra soft flex sleeves), which I found to be of slightly better quality than the ones provided by AT.

The only thing you should be aware of when using this titanium housing is that it gets VERY cold when you use them outside in winter. With me, the housing slightly touches the ear, and feeling cold metal against my skin is slightly annoying, albeit bearable
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I currently have these and for the quality and performance are great. The metal housing is very luxurious and very well made. I don't and never had a problem with them falling out. This of course varies from person to person as all ears are somewhat different. I have an issue regarding isolation though and these are not satisfactory in that regard. All in all a good phone for the money.
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I also have the CK-7's. They are great and become "greater" with the Comply T-400 foam tips. Isolations becomes almost perfect, the bass is fantastic, clean and tight. I also wear them over the ear and altough my ears are different from each other, the Comply foamies really get the job done.

And yes, they are really solid material.

I actually like their sound as much as my Atrios M5's. A bit less bassy but really "in your face" sound.


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