Question for anyone with AKG K550 and Sennheiser HD600.
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Apr 17, 2012
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So I currently own a pair of Grado SR80i and Sennheiser HD600 headphones (both purchased by long research on this forum). Absolutely love them both but certainly the HD`s are my favorite. The question I have, is the AKG K550 anything like either of these headphones specifically the HD`s. I am going to buy some cans for my work (standard cubicle jungle environment). They need to be closed back and leak little sound.
My problem is that researching the K550`s I have come across so much conflicting info via here and many other sites. Some saying that the bass is akin to D2k`s and others saying they are seriously tinny.  I am really just curious if they are comparable at all sound  to HD 600`s or the Grado sound. I have never listened to any AKG headphones at all.
When it comes to music I listen too its pretty much everything under the sun, from classical to death metal and beyond.
Thanks for any input or other suggestions that may be a better fit. Willing to spend up to 400$.
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I don't have the HD 600s but from my time listening to my k550, I can tell you that the bass improves a lot if you have a proper seal on your head. It's really not tough to do either, which is nice. I mostly listen to rock, classic, alternative, etc... and the k550s do a pretty good job at everything. They do expose low quality recordings though. I hope this was at least sorta helpful lol. 
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Thank you for your input it certainly is useful. It is good to hear that they sound well throughout genres as others have said they are only good for female vocals and acoustic, which no doubt to their preference it may be. The bass has been my biggest concern. I have heard many say that it does bass very well just not huge like the Denon`s. I am not really a bass head anyway so this does not concern me. I hope a few others can chime in here with some more impressions.
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If you like the sound of the HD-600, IMO the K550 is like a total opposite. The bass is pretty good, but that's about it for me..
Even a Grado 225i and my KRKs sounded warmer to me..
I would say the K550's signature is closer to the DT-880 than the K702, a Grado or the HD-600..
I'd take the recessed mids of the D2000 over those of the K550 any day.
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Very well put tdockweiler. I will have to steer away from those gorgeous cans I think. So anyone have suggestions for a isolating full size set? I was even looking at the ASG-1 IEM's. Keep in mind will be used at a desk for 8 hours for work. So no sound leakage is a needed feature.
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I have the HD650 and K550. I had the HD600 once, but it's been too many years for me to try and compare them to anything. Based on memory, the 600s were a bit edgier than the 650. (I had both at the same time and decided to keep the 650.)
As others have said, their sound signatures are quite different. Comparatively speaking, the 650s have more bass quantity, smoother / less pronounced treble, and rich, forward mids. They are an overall warmer and more relaxed listening experience. The 550s have a cleaner, crisper sound; more sparkly treble. Generally, the AKGs are a livelier listening experience.
I think both are terrific in their own way. I got the AKGs to be my at-work, cubicle cans, and they do the job very well; good isolation, non-leaking.
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I don't think there is any better closed headphone under $1k than the K550. I like it better than the Denon models, the Sony Z1000, the Fidelio L1 and other competitors. I used to own the HD650, and it would be a good complement to them.
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Thank you karma and idletime1213 for your responses. I believe that buying the K550`s will be my choice as both your responses indicate that while not like the Senn`s they will make an excellent addition to my HD600`s. After thinking about it, it would probably be better having a nice variety of cans and overall most people seem very happy with the AKG`s.

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