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Question about the total bithead

Discussion in 'HeadRoom Premier Sponsor Forum' started by plonter, Jun 10, 2012.
  1. plonter
    Hi.  just wanted to ask if i can use this baby as a standalone dac.  in other words,does it have a line out so i can take the sound out of the dac and use my ultra micro amp ?   thx!
  2. JorgeC Contributor
    Hey Plonter!
    Many thanks for the question. Well, one can certainly employ the TBH as a "stand-alone" DAC but there is no dedicated line-out feature on that unit. Folks can effectively use either of the headphone outputs as a 'line-out', but the DAC signal will still run through the TBH's headphone amplifier stage as well ...
    Hope that helps!
    HeadRoom VP

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