Question about refurbished ie800 on ebay
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Mar 21, 2020
Rosemead, California
Hi guys I recently got a pair of refurbished ie800 on ebay for 175$. I know there are tons of fake there. The reason why I dear to buy it was because it has 30 days return and my roomate has a authentic ie800 to compare with. So I got the refurbished one and compare to authentic one it definetely looks like fake. Cable color is lighter and the mesh on the nozel looks different as well. I was disappointed at first however they sound identical to me. I can't tell the sound difference except that the refurbished one has louder volume. If I turn down the volume they sound exactly the same. My roomate who listens to the authentic one for years can't tell the difference either. So I am confused here, is there some fake ie800 sounds exactly like the real one? Or could that be a refurbished ie800 with some fake parts but the real driver? Is that even possible to get the real driver?
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BTW I also have authentic ie40 pro and k3003 to compare with, I think this refurbished ie800 has better soundstage and more lively sound. Instruments seperation and the bass are the best out of three, vocal is quite recessed though. I think overall it's on part with my k3003.

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