Question about portable amp/DAC for android
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Mar 7, 2013
So I have been scouring the forums here and I have learned of the process to hook up a portable amp/DAC to the micro USB in my OnePlus One. However with the program people have been saying to buy, it doesn't seem to support Spotify. I just took a step into the audiophile screen with the sennheiser HD25-1 II headphones, and I have noticed a huge difference between my on board audio and my phone (you know your phone is bad when on-board audio outperforms it), it is almost to the point of terrible. I don't particularly want to invest in a bunch of songs just so I can listen to them on my phone, that is why I want a program that works with Spotify. I am new to amp/DAC scene so pardon me if I don't understand some of the lingo. I also would like a recommendation for a portable amp/DAC for phone portable use (and I don't want to pay more than my current headphones for one). Thanks for the help.

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