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Jul 15, 2006
i'm looking to buy a new mp3 player and i cant decide between the ipod video 30gb and the creative zen vision:m 30gb. my ipod 4g is out of space and i wanna upgrade to a 30gb mp3 player. video isnt really a concern, since i wont watch movies or anything. i just want good audio quality and a stable player. it seems like with my current ipod, i have to reset it often since it freezes up. any other suggestions are also welcome. budget is around 300$, thx
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Originally Posted by Naris
You could try an X5. It's cheaper than the ipod these days and if you get the L version the battery is much longer lasting.

If you aren't using the video much you really don't need the faster frame rates of the ipod or Zen Vision:M. Plus I doubt the X5 has many bugs left for firmware upgrades.

yes i was also thinking of the iaudio x5L. but i have a question. if i use rockbox on it, will i be able to organise my music better? since i read that you cant sort your music by id3 on the x5l
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Zen Vision:M.

Same price as the iPod but you get so much more with it.

Sound quality and image quality is fantastic.

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