Question about Meze Empyrean (and other) headphone cables
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New Head-Fier
Jan 17, 2023
Hello head-fi first post here. Hope I'm doing this right.

I just ordered some Meze Empyrean psyched for them to arrive.

I like building my own cables. Have done balanced, single-ended, and power cables with good results.

Looking at building my own cables for these headphones as well and I had a question:

I know that each ear "needs" two wires, with a total of 4 attached to the TRS plug (ground and signal for each channel) but it looks like the Meze cables, at least their upgrade cables, have twice as many wires.

Can anyone tell me what that's about? Are there two wires for each path, i.e. two right ground, two right signal, two left ground, two left signal?

If so, do you think that's really necessary?

I have a feeling that I'd make some ugly cables if I tried to work with that many wires with braiding, etc.

And Meze sent me an email just showing two wires to each mini XLR for each ear, so clearly 4 wires to each ear isn't required.

Any thoughts much appreciated!!!


Ross in Denver
Jan 24, 2023 at 10:47 AM Post #2 of 4
Not a technical guy by any means, but my original cable failed for my Empyreans; I bought another, but I still have the old. Could cut it open and see if that would help out?
Jan 27, 2023 at 9:16 AM Post #3 of 4
So I got in touch with Meze and reading between the lines I think the doubling of the wires is as much cosmetic as sound-related and they said I can definitely build a new cable with just 4 wires (two for each ear) with no loss of audio quality. Buying some nice wire and connectors from Parts Connexion to get started on the project!

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