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Question about earphones, Sennheiser / Audio Technika

  1. radi6404
    So I am a person who likes to use earphones a lot. I like the design, the sound they produce and the comfort. I am even using earphones at home but someday I might get some high standard full size headphones. Currently I am using the Sennheiser MX 580 and am very pleased with them. The detail is really incredible, as is the frequency responce in the midds and the heights. The bass could be a bit stronger and deepder and they could sound a bit warmer and lifelike. For sure they are incredible earphones, much better than any earphones with the 60 at the end. I am wondering however, whether there are earphones that are even better. How are the Sennheiser MX 680 or 685? How are the Audio Technika c505? Unfortunatley the expensive Audio Technika are not available in europe anymore, so they are very expensive to buy from Japan or South Corea. How could they removed that pair of high end earphones, I wish I would own one and enjoy music in very high sound quality. I would appreciate feedback on the questions and probably other recommendations aswell.
  2. radi6404
  3. JoeDoe
  4. kjk1281
    I have the MX580 and MX680, and I don't really think of the latter as an upgrade unless you need the water resistance and secure fit. The MX680 is darker / warmer with more bass, but doesn't really come across as more detailed. However, if you can find them for a good price, I think they're worth a try.

    Another earbud you could try out is the MX375. It also has a warmer signature (though not as dark as the MX680) and similar amount of detail, but they're a bit more open sounding than the MX680.

    I haven't heard the ATH-C505 but I've yet to see a favorable review on them. They're probably not worth the effort of importing.
  5. radi6404
    That is a good thing, since I am very pleased by the 580 except for the Bass. The bass could really be a bit deeper but otherwise the Sennheiser MX 580 is really a good pair of headphones. Still I find it very bad they removed the ATH CM700 and all the other similar high end earphones. I wished som much I would own a high end pair of earphones but I am not willing to import the Yuin PK1 just for that reason. I would have loved to have an ATH700 but I wont import it from South Corea either. It is really quite a shame how companies are not releasing earphones just because people prefer the unhealthy in ears instead.

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