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Product of the Year by Headphone Guru

  1. Lil' Fish
    2018 In-Ear Monitor Product of the Year: Inearz Audio Euphoria
    [​IMG]You know something’s amazing when you still think about it a year later. The flavor of the months come and go but the ones that truly stand out stick with you. The In Earz Euphoria excited me with its universal sound and welcomed me with its unwavering sonic characteristics. It’s that trusty multi-tool you have in your pocket that you can trust to perform. The Euphoria delivers great sound across the entire spectrum and is backed by a passionate team who welcomed me with open arms the day I sat down at their booth.

    – Bowei Zhao Headphone.Guru_POTY_IEM.jpg
    Inearz Audio Stay updated on Inearz Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.inearz.com/ kaysen@inearz.com
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