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Problems with Youtube videos

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by mrproggie, Sep 8, 2010.
  1. MrProggie
    After installing version 3.6.9 of Firefox I am no longer able to embed Youtube videos.
    I had to move to Opera 10.61 to do it.
  2. MrProggie
    If I let them know about a problem with a browser I expect them to fix it without having to put a question mark in the post.
    Just for a test, I put in this video using Firefox:
  3. Hero Kid
    Big white box for me...
  4. frankfarmer
    Firefox 3.6.9 introduced some security changes which have caused issues with all in-browser WYSIWYG editors.  We've been investigating workarounds for several days, and are aiming to include a solution in the upcoming release.


  5. krmathis Contributor
    Does not seem to be limited to Firefox.
    I only seem to get a white box when embedding YouTube videos using Camino as well.
  6. revolink24
    That's because Camino is firefox.... or at least it uses the same engine.

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