Problems with finding comfortable & quality In-Ear Headphones
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Jun 11, 2011
Hoping I could get some advice on what In-Ear headphones to try next. I've bought a few over last couple of years but am struggling to find a pair that are comfortable for my ears and have a good sound. I know some, if not everyone will argue the problem has been with the ones I have previously bought. Just to let you know the last couple I have bought:
Dr. Dre Beats Tour - Thought they had good sound, but I could not wear these due to how uncomfortable they were. Bought the tip accessories but they made no difference. Made the insides of my ears extremely itchy and painful and found myself not being able to breath properly.
Bose IE2 - These are very comfortable but thought the sound was rubbish. Looking at Amazon reviews, it has got very good sound reviews (although consensus is that they are overpriced). I however thought the sound was terrible even after trying the different tips. Had very minimal bass and was mostly treble. If I was to push these into my ears more the sound was very good though but they wouldn't stay in my ears.
Sennheiser MX-90-VC - Sound was average and were not comfortable. Felt quite big in my ears, and that it was creating a lot of pressure.
I'm starting to think my ears are not the normal which is why my experiences differ so much to the masses. For the Bose I felt like the tips would fit in my left ear good, but would not fit in my right ear at all. So now I'm really not sure what to look at next because I have wasted a lot of money already and I have a feeling the shape/size of my ears are different to the norm. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem?
If I could find a pair that I knew I was going to be happy with I would be happy to spend a few hundred on them.
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In fairness the bose and sennheiser do seem to be rather unique fit wise.
Best universals fit wise, for me at least are my Yamaha EPH-100.
Being the size and shape they just sit right inside your canal, normally i can't tolerate universals for long periods, but these i have slept with.
Not intentionally, but it shows how comfortable i find them to be.
The sound is rather special as well, Good punchy bass with forward mids and just the right amount of sparkle.
Personally i feel they're fantastic, i don't know where you live but i can find them for £80
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