Problem with jack replacement

  1. SBranson
    I'm hoping someone can help me out here... I have focal spheres that while plugged into my phone (back pocket) I jumped into my car and snapped the jack pin. It still worked but it would crackle and lose a channel etc. So I tried to fix it with an eidolic 4 pole jack. I kinda botched the first attempt making a right mess of the soldering so tried again. Stupidly I threw out the old jack before realizing I could use a meter to test the wiring set up but through trial and error I figured it out (I think). I never did get the pause/answer button to work though.

    But my problem is that the left channel is very hollow and distant sounding. Sounds like the singer is at the other end of a culvert. Right channel sounds fine.

    I tried a couple times but can’t figure it out. It’s the same on multiple sources; ie phone or dap

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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