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Problem with FiiO EK11 Kilimanjaro Balance

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by zayus, Jan 3, 2015.
  1. Zayus
    I'm not sure if this is an issue or not, but as I turn my amp up from zero volume, there's a right bias where the gain is noticeably higher in the lower volume region.
    Thought it was a mechanical problem with the diaphragm at first but I checked this on three different sources, and three different pairs of earbuds, concluding a slight gain on the right side.
    At higher volumes, the gain isn't so noticeable, but I feel like one of the channels is just a touch off. It's so minuscule that I can't figure out exactly what's wrong, but I notice every time I use the source without the amp, everything is proportionate, and I hate being picky, but I can't stop playing with it instead of just enjoying my music.
    The product is great, sound stage and depth even for a non-audiophile like myself is definitely improved.
    Should I return the product and hope for a more solid device or try to get over it?
  2. HookedOnAudio
    I have heard that there is usually some channel imbalance at lower volume levels, but that it goes away as you increase the volume.
    However, the topic of channel imbalance is also new to me, and I myself am also wondering if channel imbalance is something that is present in all amps, or just the cheaper ones.
    I know Fiio discloses their channel imbalance (< 0.5 dB) on the specs page, and I really like their openness with their specs.  I haven't been able to find channel imbalance specs on other amps from even makers such as Chord (i.e. Chord Hugo), ADL, ALO, or even other supposedly famous ones.
    Perhaps someone who knows will be able to share the specs and more details..

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