Problem in search of a solution: X-Platform audio
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Oct 3, 2002
I've cleared out some of the extraneous (as well as some stuff I just didn't want in the house) kit from my house recently, and am looking at how I should listen to stuff from now. My previous setup was by my own admission overcomplicated and something that I felt I needed given the limitations of OSX as an entertainment platform, the breadth of my computers, etc.

But now I'm looking to simplify. So rather than go through everything I've thought about, I'd like to tell you what I still have, where I want to listen, and see if you have any better ideas than I have had so far.

Living room: HTPC (Vista 32-bit Ultimate), PS3
Workroom: (more machines but these will be used to listen) three Macs, two PC's (32-bit Vista Business / 64-bit Ultimate).
Bedroom: PC, PS3
Kitchen: Mac

Source material:
- FLAC, with a copy currently transcoded to Apple Lossless. CD Rips
- iTunes Purchased, unencrypted 256K AACs. Have very few 128K encrypted, don't care about those.
- MP3's

Capacity: In Lossless form, only three of the desktops have enough capacity to store the entire library. Ideally however I would like it in one location. The HTPC can act in this capacity (as it is now) or I can buy a NAS.

What I want to do:
- Store Music and Video in one location.
- Be able to listen to the same music, audio and video podcasts (as a separate entity to music/videos for computers, music/video separation only for PS3) and videos on all of the above machines. iTunes Library Sharing = too basic an experience.
- Sync any of the above with iPod/iPhone/Mass Storage player, homed on one or two computers.
- View and Edit all tag attributes on more than one computer, with changes centrally managed, or propagated among all computers.

I invite your feedback.

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