Presley "Suspicious Minds" - 'horns' edition with false fade - Hard to find on CD!!

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    Presley "Suspicious Minds" - 'horns' edition with false fade toward the end - Hard to find on CD!!

    I have three Elvis Presley compilation CDs:

    Cat #s:

    6382- 2-R "THE NUMBER ONE HITS"

    BG2 06383 "THE TOP TEN HITS"

    RCA 07863 68079-2 "ELV1S 30 # 1 HITS" (Remastered)

    And that version of "Suspicious Minds" still has eluded me!

    I have a low-bit MP3 of it from years ago off some download site, but I'd like something more permanent and better sounding.
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  2. TheSonicTruth
    None of you's knows what I'm talking about... !

    Alright, here goes.. False fade begins around 3:27 into it:

    Without that brass after the slow bridge part, the song falls flatter than a vinyl LP stood on edge.. Seriously.
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