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Practical Devices won't honor money back guarantee on XM6

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by irvin59, Dec 6, 2011.
  1. irvin59
    Bought one to use with usb out of my iPad camera connection kit. When I tried it the Ipad's usb bus couldn't power the dac. I knew this might happen but I wasn't too worried as PD offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Only problem is they have so far ( about 2 weeks) been unwilling to give me an address to return it to. Anyway, I watched Jude's review of the XM 6 again, and I agree-this is not going to replace my desktop amp. But-it has all sorts of neat features as pointed out by Jude. It can be used as a torch. Is it going to replace  my keyring torch? again-no. It's certainly not going to replace my SR 71 B or ALO continental. Maybe a paperweight? But then it's not that good looking-and it's a bit pricey for that purpose. Maybe not such a practical device after all. Pretty shabby for a HeadFi sponsor. 
  2. civilaudio
    I don't think you can use any USB DAC with USB out from "Ipad"... XM6 is no exception.
  3. irvin59
    You can. I use the iBasso D12-it works very well-I just wanted an all in one dac amp.
  4. civilaudio
    really, good to know.. have not tried it before..
    In search for the answer.. i found this thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/507559/list-of-dacs-that-work-with-ipad
  5. irvin59
    The iPad is a great source and with flac player you can play hi res files which the maker says are output as hi res-no downsampling.
    That sucks to hear. My experience with PD have been pretty good. I returned my XM6 under the 30 day guarantee, and he always responded to me within a day or two, and issued my refund within a couple days of receiving the XM6. =/
    If really comes down to it, you can probably sell it on head-fi pretty quickly.
  7. irvin59
    I probably will have to sell it here but I was really surprised and disappointed after the good communication when I bought it.
    How long has it been since his last email from the time you started trying to get a hold of him? Maybe he's on an early xmas vacation. lol. I really don't know... I had a good experience with him, so it sucks to hear that you aren't. =/
  9. irvin59
    I told him 11days ago that I wanted to return the Amp, and he said 8 days ago that he'd send me shipping instructions shortly. I can't understand why he didn't just send me the return address immediately. I did give him the benefit of the doubt by waiting more than a week and sending off several more emails before going public.
  10. cgpeanut
    email him again and be patient he will make it right, i know he will, he did with me :)
  11. maggior
    I've never had to return an amp to PD, but I did have some technical issues when I bought my XM4 3 years ago or so.  The problem was related to noise from a DC power supply.  There was a package deal at the time with the power supply and rechargable battery if you bought them with the amp at the same time.  He gave me the package pricing even though it was after the fact.
    Years later, I had questions about the replacing the rechargable battery, which had gone bad, and he was more than helpful even though I was trying to make a battery I purchased elsewhere work.
    I'll echo what others here have said - he's been a stand up guy in the past and will likely come through for you.
  12. irvin59
    That seems to be what most people think and it was the impression I got when I spoke to him initially about buying the amp. It is quite surprising.
  13. earthpeople
    I had an XM4 several years ago and I had to send it in for repair one time. It took 3 months and much prodding from my side to find out anything about what was going on. Many of my emails went unreplied until I sent again a week after the first time. 
    Ultimately, they did send me a replacement and everything was good. Thus, from my experiences I'd be hard pressed to say they have good customer service. 3 months is way too long for something that should've had a turnaround of maybe 2 weeks at most.
    I suspect you'll be taken care of, but you might have to be a bit bothersome towards them.
  14. GreatDane Contributor
    It's sad that it had to come to this and I hope James takes care of you. Threads like this are obviously bad for him so I have faith that this matter will be resolved. My only customer service relations with James was when my XM5 had some strange glitch with my PC, may not have even been the fault of the XM5. I contacted James and he offered to look at it and extended my warranty to an additional 6 months which was a nice gesture. I never did send it in because the problem never recurred.
  15. PANGES
    Just saw your FS thread for the XM6. Sorry to see that it's come to this. :frowning2:
    For what it's worth, if you decide to use it as a DAC/amp for your laptop, I enjoyed mine for that purpose quite a bit. 

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