Powerfilter with 11 sockets: Powergrip YG-1 ( superlative to Belkin PF50 filter ) - user reviews - thoughts - alternatives

  1. Hello All.
    I am the proud owner of a Belkin PureAV PF50 netfilter. I use this at my home to feed my audio gear, and my 53" TV.
    Sadly Belkin seized manufacturing this marvelous device, I got one of the last available versions from UK, a Silver version.
    Since I live in The Netherlands I had to modify the power outlets to Schuko type. For years I was searching to find
    a second hand PF50 in Black color, but it's very difficult to find one.
    This filter has 5 banks, devided in 2x digital (4 outlets), 1x video (2 outlets), 1x analog audio (2 outlets) and 1x high-power outlet.
    Output at frontpanel, behind the cover, is connected to one of the Digital banks.
    There are several other connections, like phone, network, cable, but i don't use those (probably i should use them to protect my stuff)
    The UK version:
    When I bought this, years ago, I was astonished on how it improved SQ. Especially because all my diy build devices have
    extensive filtering inside! This still is the best investment in audio gear I ever did!
    Since my gear is all black colored, and I couldn't find a black PF50 I was looking for an alternative, and, finally I found one!
    EDIT: It's NOT an improved Belkin PF50 design, it's designed from scratch, with "audio-friendly" filters and protection.
    The designers have a big advantage because of the fact they are audiophiles themselves, that is why this filter performs like it does!!!
    For now it's available in 230V version only (Schuko type sockets), and it has a 8mm thick ALU brushed frontpanel!!
    US models will follow most likely in the future.
    It has 11 sockets, 10 at the back of the device, and one at the frontpanel behind a small cover. As an extra bonus it has
    2 fast charging USB ports behind the small cover at the front!
    All sockets are programmable which is very useful, especially when connecting 2x monoblock poweramp, for which it has
    two seperate, high power output sockets available!
    Here are some pictures of the device, it's a real beauty!
    For the moment there's no distributor in the EU but I am very confident they will find one very soon!!
    I started this thread to share my findings and hoping to find some members around here who already own this beauty.
    Feel free to post your own impressions, and even better, your review of the YG-1 [​IMG]
    There's a big chance they will be on Munich's High-End show, 18 to 21 May 2017. I surely will visit them there!
    Have fun [​IMG]
  2. jabbr
    Price YG1: Roebel 60.000 ~ EUR860
  3. abartels
    Yes, correct. Belkin PF50's introducing pricelevel was above €1000 but finally sold about €550 to €600.
    YG-1 is very robuust build, 8mm brushed alu faceplate, and improved electronics. It could definitely
    compete with 2x more expensive opponents (Monster equipment)
  4. tkteo
    So this is similar to the power conditioning products from brands such as Isotek?
  5. abartels
    Yes it is, but much cheaper!
    I once read a review / comparison between PF50 and Isotek, and PF50 came very close (at 1/8 of the pricetag of the Isotek).
    This YG-1 outperforms PF50, so,,,,,
    Hope someone can write a review here of the YG-1 
  6. DrizztDo
    Audiophonics in France distributes it, but price went up to 1299€.

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