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Power conditioners vs Power distributors vs Power regenerators

  1. smodtactical
    I searched online for a good discussion about these different power devices above and how they may impact the sound of an amplifier and a dac. There is not much discussion on this topic (maybe 1 or 2 old threads on another website). Do you guys care to share your experience about the differences and potential benefits of each of these?

    My understanding is distributors are basically like strips. Should they impact sound at all?
    Conditioners are current filters and sometimes can harm dynamics?
    Re-generators rebuild the current wave form and probably help the most depending on the component?

  2. Zenvota
    Distributors only negatively effect sound if they're using something like 20awg wiring(resistance), most hifi distributors will use 12-14awg wiring, sometimes silver plated or even twisted pairs to keep inductance lower. I've read that conditioners often raise the impedance between components which can increase noise generated from leakage currents. I dont have any experience with regenerative power units. I do really like the line noise isolators though. You get 140db of common mode noise reduction, 60db traverse, low impedance connections between components, and surge protection without filters. You might find this thread interesting https://www.computeraudiophile.com/...ed-from-quotlps-1-troubleshootingquot-thread/
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  3. project86 Contributor
    My personal thoughts/experience:

    Distributor would be something like THIS. It's basically a fancy power strip, with the idea that it extends the power you get from your wall to multiple outlets. Sort of a "do no harm" approach, they generally don't have much going on inside, perhaps a bit of filtering and/or basic surge protection but that's about it. I've encountered some audiophiles who swear that more complex power conditioners "ruin" their dynamics so they like this sort of device. Note that some of these cost tons of money and claim huge improvements to the sound, though I'm not sure of the mechanism by which that might happen.

    Conditioner is a broad term that can mean any number of designs. There is industrial stuff like Furman/Panamax (they are the same company nowadays) which offers line filtering and noise rejection, along with excellent surge protection, for decent pricing (couple hundred dollars to start). Audio folks sometimes use these with varying results.

    Then there are the more advanced designs such as balanced power conditioners which use a huge toroid to decouple power from the grid completely. Examples of these would be Equitech, Torus/Bryston, and some of the higher end Furman such as the 2400 IT. I have had excellent results with these types.

    Lastly, I think the term "regenerator" mainly brings to mind the PS Audio solutions, which are basically amplifiers that make new AC rather than amplifying an audio signal (that's overly simplified, but you get the idea). These are expensive and in my opinion have inherent reliability issues, but they can also make a system sound very nice.

    Which one will work best for you? That really depends on the power grid in your area, along with the wiring in your home, plus your particular mix of audio gear. So.... it's extremely variable from one case to the next. Personally I recommend using something just for the surge protection benefits alone, but which one will work best is up to you.
  4. bluenight
    I have recently read alot of stuff on better power solutions.

    This is a good read where the creators of the products talks about power and there products.
    Then read
    Hi-Fi+ interviews twelve of them

    Yes some claim that power conditioners can restrict dynamics while others disagree.

    After my own research on the net for reviews and costumer feedback on power products. And often it seems best to stick with consistency when for exe getting a nordost qb4 you will probebly get best result sticking with nordosts own power cables and use the same powercables through out and all other nordost related stuff.

    These where my fav power contenders.

    Isotek evo 3 sirius(wont break the bank) i would go with the isotek evo 3 premier cables for this replacing the standard black cables. User comments say it actually improve dynamics.

    In Swedish so translate with google :)

    Nordost Quantum QB4 or QB8 with nordost cables replacing the standard black cables. This is very modular and each part you add, better the peformence of the system. Dosent restrict dynamics.


    Audioquest niagara 1000 with of course audioqusts own cables (as it clearly states on the package, best result with audioquest Direction-Controlled cables. Lowering the noise and seems to improve bass and dynamics.

    This one i bought myself on black friday with some price off. I haven tried it yet as i have to wait for the cables i ordered from another shop to arrive. Direction controlled they are yes.
    Got these cables.





    Even though the nice reviews i am very skeptical i will here a diffrence. I hope its not just a money draining system.
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  5. Speedskater
    From a 'good engineering practice' point of view, distribution blocks or power strips might improve the sound.
    Why? Because they will reduce the total length of AC cords from hi-fi component to component. This may reduce the background noise.

    * * * * * * * * *
    I don't have anything good to say about power conditioners or regenerators.

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