Power Adapter for cMoyBB 2.03 2x9v
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May 13, 2015
I need some help from someone more knowledgeable with power adapters than myself. As indicated in the title, I'm looking for a power adapter for the cMoyBB 2.03 2x9v bought directly from JDSLabs. The manual provides a suggested adapter from DigiKey but it appears to be on back order until July. A Google search for the adapter leads me to alternate sellers, also on back order so there must be a manufacturer problem. I'm looking for another option but I'm not electronically minded enough to have confidence I'll not fry my amp. The manual from JDSLabs indicates it needs to be: Liner, Regulated 19-24V DC output, less than 1000 mA if unregulated, 1.35x3.5 mm connector w/ negative sleeve, positive tip. I bought the tip adapter from JDSLabs for the recommended power adapter so I'm assuming an alternative could have a Barrel Plug, 2.1mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D. x 9.5mm.

The manual providing this info is: http://www.jdslabs.com/pdf/Instructions_203R.pdf
The suggested adapter is: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/EPSA240100U-P5P-SZ/T1073-P5P-ND/2235265

Any help finding me one that won't fry my amp?

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