POST YOUR COLLEGE! (Student or Alumni)
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Dartmouth College - A.B. in English
University of Pennsylvania Law School - J.D.
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Aalborg University, Denmark Global Business Development International Technology Management

Great univeristy, one of the best due to its project and group based learning system. Also we have some great professors from around the world, Holland, UK, Kenya, US, Poland, you name it :)
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My colleges: (too many, but I liked them all :)
University of Mississippi, USA - BA in Psychology and Linguistics
Kabardino-Balkar State University, Russia - MA in Philology
Kabardino-Balkar State University, Russia - MSc in Civil Law
University of Bath, UK - MBA (working on my dissertation now)

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Wheaton College(MA)- Physics/Astronomy/Mathematics Class 2012
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university of texas at austin
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Warwick University (UK) - 1979 - BA Psychology
University of Hertfordshire (UK) - 1992 - MSc Occupational Psychology
Drexel University (USA) - 2002 - MS Information Systems
Drexel University (USA) - 2009 - Ph.D Information Science and Technology

and frankly I am knackered...
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Berry College (GA) -1976- BA Social Sciences
U S Navy/USNR 1977 - 1989- More Navy schools than I care to list.
University of Georgia - 1987 MSW Psychiatric Social Work
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University of Northern Iowa - BA 2008 - General Economics and History
Currently working on MA in U.S. History at the same school.
Thesis on office workers in the early 20th century and how the office space became masculinized and visceralized in a response to the demands of efficiency.

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