Possibly looking for some headphones perferably wireless for under $200 bucks
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New Head-Fier
Dec 27, 2012
As the title says I am possibly looking into getting some new headphones. Right now I own Sennheiser RS120 which I do enjoy, but I think I need a upgrade to better sounding headphones. These are wireless and I do like the freedom it offers being able to walk around the house and not worrying about a wire shorting out or something to where only one side only works (this is the big reason why I went wireless). However I will consider wired headphones with a detachable cord. One set of headphones I was thinking about was the Shure SRH750DJ cause I heard some good things about them. I was also thinking about the Sennheiser RS160 since they are wireless and have Kleer Audio. So yea, what do you guys recommend?

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