Possible Vancouver BC Meet
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Originally Posted by Shion
One question: I'm a newbie to this world. Would I be welcome even with no experience? Is it ok that I have so little to contribute in terms of gear? Would you have patience for someone who doesn't even know all the terminology?

Be honest with me, I don't mind^_^ I hope to join you guys and have a good time.

I have never heard Grado SR80, so there you go. I will be very eager to try out your Grado SR80.
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I've been lurking head-fi for a few months anguishing over a jump to 880's, 990's or 701's-- something that's great for movies etc in addition to music.

(I'm a student of film and have a nice Totem/Harman Kardon home theatre sys but my apartment demands headphones and after a couple years on Portapros I'm ready to upgrade.)

I'm going to try to be there but all I have are just more humble Portapros so I'd feel like a sponge

--Oh, and til I replace my expired Mac I'm surfing from a cafe so please excuse any delay replying to anybody.
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I've only got my Senn HD477's, but I can bring them.

I'm thinking of getting some UM2s, so I'd like to try out some IEMs - should I buy tips so I can demo some IEM's? Where can tips be gotten in Vancouver?
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Originally Posted by aaronl
Where can tips be gotten in Vancouver?

You can get some tips from http://www.gearforce.com/
It is located in Vancouver.
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Very interested - count me in as probable attendee!

Gear is SR225, E2C, PA2V2, PSP... hopefully my K271S have come in by then.
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Count my 701 out, looks like i'll only be getting it in April.
Fingers crossed i make the cut though.


Originally Posted by applebook
Is anyone bringing any Silver/ Blue Dragon, Equinox, Cardas, Zu, or RnB Senn cable, especially balanced?

This, along with the 701 and the CD3000 are the only things that really interest me right now.

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Hey guys, just picked up my Dynahi from Seattle and it rocks, so i'll have it for the meet...

i'll be bringing my budget DVD player as a transport but it plays burnt discs and i'm pretty sure it even plays mp3 discs, so bring whatever music ya like etc. etc. Only 3 more days!
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Hey guys, just want to let you know that after few days of confirming I am sure I will not be able to make it. There is another important event coming up on the same day that I can not miss, so I will just give my best wish to all who can attend to have a wonderful time there.

Again, big thanks to RMX, although I can not attend.
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Ack, can't go.
Another meeting missed! I think this is the third one that I missed? :/

Well, I have no cans deserving to go with me anyways. Maybe when I get my PX100's and ATH-FC7's.

Have fun, all!
Feb 10, 2006 at 3:36 AM Post #135 of 168
Sounds like tons of fun but unfortunately I won't be able to make it.

You guys have fun!

As for me, I am waiting to get my Etymotic ER-4P from the used sale forum.

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