Possible suggestions?
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Mar 8, 2006
Hey all,I was wondering if one of you people out there can help me out with some possible suggestions.I currently own grado sr80s and sennheiser hd485s and im totally happy with them, but if its possible id like to get something that maybe meets in the middle.The base on the sr80s for me is perfect but lacks soundstage and i like the soundstage from the senns but they are just too bassy for me.I had previously posted on maybe Hd555s but im not sure now if this would be the right step?
Il more than likely be wanting to use them for some classical and lots of Rufus Wainwright so i want to be able to cover acoustic to that big full sound.
I wouldnt mind moving away from Senns either as i have a PX100s too for my iriver.Ive had a good read through the forums but i still cant seem to narrow it down,the only ones i came up with were AKG 501 or maybe Audio-technia A900?I could be completly wrong as im pretty new to all this.Any help would be much appreciated,thanks in advance.

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