Portishead - Alien. The fake album.
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Jan 3, 2005
Portishead fans may be aware that a few years ago there was album that was going around the underground and bootleg scene that supposed to be a new Portishead album called "Alien".

Members of Portishead denied that the album had anything to do with Portishead. This was the statement given by the band:

From: http://www.pheadweb.com/news_now.htm


03/15/2003 Portishead denies "Alien"

Despite the fact that many press magazines mention "Alien" as the new album, Portishead finally updated their "breaking news" section and denied the name or the release of this new album. "Alien" was finally just one more rumor like "Pearl" was and now no one knows what Portishead will do or when they're going to release the new album.. Phead, Ubl, Amg, Pitchfork and Msn-entertainment seemed to be wrong about the new album release but the good news is that the webmaster of the official site *FINALLY* responded to this confusion called "Alien"!! Better than nothing! The official statement is:

"We have noticed that there is some confusion on an album release called "Alien".

Please be aware that this is NOT a Portishead release. The band is in
the studio working on new material now but no release dates are scheduled as yet.

Keep an eye on the site as any release plans will of course be announced here first!"

As the webmaster of Phead I'd like to wish Portishead good luck to their new work and hope to have their new album soon and not in 6 years or so!

I have always wanted to hear this album even though it was not actually Portishead's work. I figured that anything that could be confused with Portishead had to be half-way decent, IMHO. One weird thing I did notice is that Portishead said that it was not their new album, but the did not say that it was not their music. I just thought that was strange.

Fortune has smiled on me today as I finally managed to find a copy of the album "Alien" and I must say that I really like it. The music and the vocals do SOUND very similar to Portishead, and I can see where it might be mistaken for a "lost" Portishead release. I could tell right away that it was not Beth Gibbons singing. Beth Gibbons has a very distinctive voice. Some of the music is also a little too upbeat and pop-ish to be Portishead. I would say this album sounds more like something that would be put out by an artist like Goldfrapp, except a little more down-tempo.

The 128kbs copy I got was a little low quality for my taste (I prefer at least 192kbs CBR minimum), but it still sounds like a studio album. I would like to find out who this actually is, if it's not Portishead. I was hoping someone might see the track and recognize the artist. Any other info about this album would also be welcome. Here's a track listing:

1. Open Box
2. Love Of Life
3. Broquette
4. Broken Wall
5. Beatless Day
6. Of Liberty For All And None
7. Alien
8. Signature
9. Minor Pain
10. Traveling Fast To There
11. Tomorrow's Death
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The Actual

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Dec 11, 2004
I have only listened to it a couple times so far, but am definitely liking it. From the third to around six or seventh song the quality dips a little bit, but other than that it is quite solid. However, it does not have the same feel as Portishead's previously released stuff. A little bit more trip-pop than hop, but I would still like to know who actually did this and where I can get more of it.

Also: If anyone is interested in hearing this PM me and I can email it to you. headchange did this for me, so I figure it's now my turn.
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Jun 11, 2006
I've been wondering who this actually was ever since I downloaded the album a year or two ago.

I found the answer on a few other obscure forums, and confirmation from this blog:

"Portishead, Alien Speaking of torch songs, some release calendars had a new Portishead album scheduled for late March, but it hasn’t appeared yet. Searching the file-sharing nets turns up a few listings, but they’re either tracks from PNYC or songs from Mandalay’s Empathy, disingenuously renamed. So we’ll just have to wait for that."
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Dec 28, 2012
The band is called Mandalay, the album is called Empathy, released in March 23, 1998.
Here is the track listing:
  • This Life
  • Flowers Bloom
  • Insensible
  • Another
  • Enough Love
  • All My Sins
  • Opposites
  • This Time Last Year
  • Kissing The Day
  • Beautiful
  • About You
  • Beautiful (Canny Mix)

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