Portable Sources for the Budget HeadFi'er
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Headphoneus Supremus
Apr 17, 2005
Where is the Budget Portable Source Gallery? Has that gone.

I've been away from the forum a while. Seems like its now all top end stuff. I'm looking for budget/mid range portable source that takes 256GB SD cards.

For the last few years, I've mostly been using music streaming apps. I'm trying to revisit my old MP3\CD library and struggling. My current phone has no SD slot. All the old phones I have here with SD cards don't really work. Some can browse the SD card but the MP3 player applications won't see the folders. All my older MP3 players eventually got used by the kids and slowly broke by one.

Currently the only portables I have to play with are low end Victure Players. Which we use for Audio Books mainly. In fairness they are stuffed with features and will indeed play music from the 256GB card. But they are very slow and the interface is awful. SQ is questionable.

So what budget/mid range MP3 players would people suggest.
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idk an otg adapter to usb flash card and any micro sd should work with what you have now. this assumes you are using a headphone jack. neutron should add a library of the sd card once you point to it in the menu

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