Portable phones, an upgrade from KSC-75
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Dec 12, 2005
Well i've been using my Koss KSC-75s with my mp3 player for about 6 months now, but if I don't impulse buy something soon it's going to kill me, so i'd rather plan it a bit before I buy so I wind up with something semi useful!

I love the KSC-75s sound. I listen to a lot of atmospheric metal, prog rock and piano style music (tori amos, ben folds etc). I'm thinking from the KSC-75s I pretty much have to go in ear phones? I've recently heard a pair of the ER6i's, which were nice but didn't impress me quite enough to spend that ammount on them.

My budget is probably 300-400 $ australian, or thereabouts, so say $200-300 US. I'm flexible, but only if you can provide a compelling reason for me to be =)

My home setup is DT880s and a cordia aria, in case that makes a difference.


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Jan 26, 2006
You want IEM's or cans?

Sounds like you might like Grados. Maybe SR-225s. What do you like/disslike about your DT880s?

As for IEM's, they are a lot different to KSC-75s, extremely isolating, very different fit, quite something to get used to. You might enjoy the Shure E4C, but I have them and much prefer the Super.fi 5 pro, even at the cost a little lost upper midrange/highs. They are much warmer, often tough to get right in IEMs and they have a bit more of a soundstage than the Shures. Oh, and they have bass.
Good controlled bass, but plenty of it.

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