Portable-ish amp for UM3X, W4, and D2000
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Oct 11, 2008
hi, i'm new to this amp thing but i feel like i might be missing out without one as my friends with iBasso D4 and D10 said it made a world of differences for them. Im considering a D12 now but wondering if there are better options out there. I would like a portable-ish amp (i dont need something the size of a key but not something i cant put inside my pocket). Budget is 250-350 ish. My desktop setup is an ht-omega claro+ if that matters. any sort of feedback would be appreciated.
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If you don't need a dac, I like the iBasso P3+ for UM3X and W4.  I also have a TTVJ Slim (you can get with or without dac) that suits both of these Westones well.  The Slim is more portable, and I have it with dac so can use with portable sources or computers.  All that said, I also have an inexpensive JDS Labs cmoy amp (in the altoids tin) that works almost as well as both of these and cost a fraction.

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