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Portable DAC/AMP suggestion for 250 Ohms headphones

  1. shafirpl

    I am looking for a portable DAC/amp recommendation for driving my Beyerdynamic 250 ohms headphones. At home, I use a Soundblaster Omni surround with my MacBook pro. But I am looking for something that is portable, that I can use with iPhone XS max as well as my work laptop (MacBook air) at the workplace or when I am walking around, so it should be portable and easier to put into pocket/carry.

    My budget is around 100-150 USD and I reside in Vancouver, Canada. So amazon.ca or eBay I think will be my source for purchase.

    Do you guys have any recommendation? Thanks
  2. Tsukuyomi
    Hey fellow Canadian, ive ordered from headphonebar.ca they're based in Vancouver also, they may be able to help you in person and find something within budget. I would say give them a look. Ive bought a few items from them, great service!
  3. HirkEukvic
    I like my NextDrive Spectra DAC pretty well and it’s in my opinion more portable than the Dragonfly. I haven’t put them head-to-head to decide which sounds better.

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