Portable Amp for Sennheiser PXC-450?
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Mar 18, 2007
Hi. I've been using Senn PXC-450s exclusively for all outdoor/portable use & AKG 701s for in-home use. I just used the Senns directly with my iPod, but am now thinking about proper amping to get the most out of these cans. The impedance is very high for these headphones: 150/750 ohms.

Can you recommend some portable amps that would match well with these cans? The more portable, the better. I was interested in Predator & Pico, obviously... probably more Predator, as I like the sonic characteristics of Ray Samuels...

I'm also looking for a new DAP, too, so please feel free to suggest good players w/ good synergy w/ particular amps. (I'd like to veer away from Apple; I'm sick of their proprietary) Thanks, guys!
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I am interested as well, as I have the 450s. I was in Singapore on business and got a Crossroads portable amp in S'Pore, which is OK but I like the difference so much I am upgrading to a Headphonia Lyrix pro (price was about as much as I want to comfortably spend). Good cable makes a big difference connecting it to the iPod and I have the connector to the 30 pin(?) on the bottom.

BTW anyone in S'Pore there is a great place to try out headphone amps in the audiophile mall on North Bridge road near the Parliament building, top floor, everyone knows where it is there. But do your homework online too to make sure you are getting the right one for you. They have a really nice selection-very confused nepotistic staff but the help is eventually there when you need it, they don't rush you.
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Great that after almost 3 years there is no real answer to that question. I also use the PXC 450 for my travelling as I think it is still the best NC headphone around. I use the IBasso D10 for almost 2 years now and I think this is a powerful enough drive for the Sen. But now I am again interested in something by Ray Samuels. Who could recommend a USD 200 - 400 RS amp for that?

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