Portable amp/DAC for UE-10s
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Mar 4, 2010
I am looking for a recommendation for a DAC AMP combo to be used with my UE-10s. I will probably use it mostly from my laptop's USB, but would like to use it for traveling with my IPOD as well. I would prefer to spend less than 200$(US). Here are my options as I see it, but PLEASE recommend something! I love the neutrality of the UE10s and would like to keep it that way.

1. Ibasso D2+ (leaning this way....)
2. Styleaudio Emerald
3. Icon Mobile?
4. Ibasso D10 (outside my budget, but would reach for it if its worth it)

I am a newbie, and I don't understand impedance or many of the technical considerations, I am just looking for the right "match".

Black Macbook as the main source, entire library in mostly lossless or 320 mp3s and am desperately trying to get my hands on as many 24bit tracks as possible. I love jazz and acoustic rock/blues....

Thanks in advance!!!
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You could look into the Nuforce uDAC, it's relatively inexpensive however I don't have any experience with the UE10's. I was just wondering why would you restrict your budget to $200 considering the high cost of the UE10's. If I had such expensive IEM's I would make sure it was well sourced and amped even if that meant spending more to do so.
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Through generosity and well placed contacts, i was able to get my ue-10s at very VERY good price. I was going to buy the uDac, but it isn't portable(which isn't a huge deal) but I was worried about the impedance....Please pardon my absolute ignorance about such things

Judging by other posts, if I want to be able to listen to 24/96 music, the D-10 is my best option....

Does anyone have any comments on the D-10 with IEMs?

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I'd consider putting the money towards a good DAP (iPod or whatever). Most IEMs (the exception being some very sensitive models) are designed to work straight out of a DAP. In my albeit limited experience with the TF10s there was no benefit to using an amp with them at all. However, if it's essentially the DAC that's important, since the default sound card in most computers is rubbish, then I'd pick whatever is known to have the best input DAC, which might be a bit trickier.

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