Pop Goes The Earbud (IEM Help?)
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Headphoneus Supremus
Feb 22, 2013
Hi friends,
So I'm loving my new jvc fx-750s and I'm listening to them on the go. I get out of my car, and of course, bud gets stuck in the door. Not knowing this, I walk forward and get pulled back suddenly. To my horror, I see my beloved 750 bud on the floor.
Pop went the earbud. Pop went my soul.
Anyways, anyone have an idea of how this sort of issue could potentially be repaired? Once the wire snaps, is it game over? Anyone or anywhere I could send these? I have zero experience with these things, so I'd like to send somewhere.
Alas I'm still enjoying them solo ear'd, but looking for any possible ideas here.
Picture below.
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Anyone (including you) know how to re-solder? I don't have the tool and don't want to do it myself.
Will pay, obviously :)
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Check out Eds earphone repair on Facebook.Seems legit, but haven't tried yet.

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