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poll "mid-fi" in ear phones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by donaldekelly, Jun 2, 2005.
  1. donaldekelly Contributor
    I don't know if anyone has done this yet, but it seems about time.

    What is your favorite $175-350 in ear phone?

    Add WHY in your post, if you like.

    Edit: The UM2s seemed more bassy than the ER4ps in a good way, and a little more accurate than the UESuper.Fi5Pros. Less exaggerated high end and slightly better bass. But they (edit: Super.Fi 5 rpos) are close and cheaper than the UM2s.

    I haven't heard any Shures.

    Edit - changed price floor to $175.
  2. catscratch Contributor
    I would vote the Stax SR-001 Mk II based on the price, but I wouldn't consider it mid-fi. It's definitely hi-fi and can give most traditional dynamic headphones a run for their money. As a matter of fact, it's my second-most-preferred headphone that I have or had, and that includes Senn HD595, HD600 and A-T A900. I wouldn't say that it sounds better than these as a whole, but it's definitely better in some respects and is very comparable overall. I can't say the same thing about the ER-4P or UM2 - with these, you're always compromising something, be it soundstage, detail, tonal quality, texture, etc...

    001 all the way baby! [​IMG]
  3. donaldekelly Contributor

    After hearing you descirbe the Stax - I should have added it to the poll. Oh well.

    I suppose most people have heard only one or two IE phones. So, this poll won't be definitive. But, at least this will give some of us a general direction to investigate.
  4. Mr Iriver
    For me the shure E3s. The musicallity and fullness really involves me into the music. These are my favorites compared to the others I have tried (ER4, ER6i, sony ex71). Compared to both the etys the highs did seem rolled off when unequalized, but overall the sound is much much more better for me to get lost in the music, with that beautifull midrange. Can't wait 'till I have money for the E4, the stax sr001, or maybe the UEs.
  5. donaldekelly Contributor

    The E4s seem to have pulled ahead. This matches the posts in other threads that people want the better detail and are willing to sacrifice a little bass to get it.

    Goodbye UM2s and SuperFis?
  6. The Actual
    Of the choices I have only heard the ER4, but I have trouble imagining a sound that I would like more as I would consider myself a "treble-head."

    EDIT: I thought I should clarify that I did not vote in the poll
  7. __redruM
    I really like the e5, but I haven't tried the others. The dual drivers and inline crossfeed really sold me on the 5Ec, but I'd love to try some of the others, the E4c and the Er4 specifically.
  8. donaldekelly Contributor

    a few months back I started a poll of just the UM2 and the Ety4. The UM2 whomped the ety.

    Maybe now the UM2 has lost favor to the Shure E4?
  9. CookieFactory
    FOTMs perhaps?
  10. donaldekelly Contributor

    Originally Posted by CookieFactory
    FOTMs perhaps?

    "Flavor of the month" - maybe.

    People seem to like the E4s mix of the best of the ety (detail) and the best of the UM2/SuperFI (bass).

    I wonder if it is that much better than the UM2 or superFi or if it is just what some people are drawn to - Good treble and okay bass rather than ok treble and good bass.
  11. donaldekelly Contributor
    Selfserving bump

    The Ety 4s and the Sure E4s are neck and neck.

    Maybe I need to try the E4s. I have tried the Ety 4s
  12. joelongwood Moderator
    I voted for the UE Super.Fi5 Pro. Even with their shortcomings (treble roll off, too much mid bass at times, less detailed than Etys or Shures), I find them somewhat intoxicating. There's something about their full, rich sound that apeals to me. I tried the Etys (4S) and Shure (E3) today, and they sounded quite anemic in comparison. Maybe I'm a closet basshead.....and now I've been outed by the UE's? [​IMG]
    PS: Just ordered the Shure E4 to see what all the fuss is about.[​IMG]
  13. Cyclone
    thats mid-fi? damn, looks like im only in low-fi.
  14. donaldekelly Contributor

    Originally Posted by Cyclone
    thats mid-fi? damn, looks like im only in low-fi.

    OKAY, upper middle Fidelity?

    Gotta acknowledge the custom fit models somehow. Some of them are a leap in quality above any of these from what I hear.

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