Pocket sized stereo radio with long battery life?
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Oct 12, 2003
I used to buy the Sony SRF-59 which gets 100 hours of battery life on FM(110 hours on AM) using one AA battery. It has great FM stereo sound when hooked up to good headphones. I bought many of these to give as gifts over the past several years. It used to sell for $15. Now it is discontinued, and only available for high prices on Ebay. Is there anything similar available at low prices? The Sony SRF-S84 gets 44 hours of battery life on one AAA battery, and is $35+. I want something with great stereo sound for FM, and the longest battery life per battery(preferably using a single AA battery). 
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I was looking at the small portable Sony FM radios myself just recently.  I was looking for something small enough I could carry whilst out hiking or running.  It's rather annoying that I'm carrying around a top of the range Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone and it doesn't have FM radio (no mobile data here so can't internet stream).
I eventually realised my old iPod 4th Gen (which was abandoned in a drawer) has an FM radio built in.  I think most models have FM?  It's actually really good quality and the iPod Nano is really small and lightweight.  It works well with my Etymotic HF2 headphones and the battery life on FM is reasonable and I can easily charge it from USB.
The only downside for me is carrying around a phone and iPod.  I've not figured out a way of getting the radio to play though my phone so I can have audio in my headphones from both devices.  I've even thought about making a passive line in mixer.  Any recommendations to solve this gratefully received!
I don't have either of the Sony radios you mentioned, but I tried a cheap
Logik LHDAB14​
(from Currys/PC World in the UK) - which couldn't handle my Etymotic HF2s, and at one point I was carrying around my Yaesu VX-8R just for FM (!!!).
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I also have the Sony SRF-S83 which is very similar to the SRF-S84. It sounds slightly better than the SRF-59, but is much smaller. Some might be tempted to get an mp3 player like the Sandisk Clip Sport to use for FM radio, however playing the radio it gets under 13 hours of battery life. There is also the digital Sony SRF-M37 which gets around 34 hours on one AAA battery and costs around $30.

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