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Feb 20, 2008
Ok what Im looking for is an easy to use (from pocket) small amplifier for my portable rig) Im more of a diy person but dont have the time or patients to go about it right now... anyways the basics of what i want:

Power... dont know what kind of headphones i will eventually get so the more power the better.... but must have an adjustable gain stage so i can use lower impedance iem's and phones.

Want to be able to easily adjust the volume from my pocket, dont mind a knob volume control as long as its not to sensitive that when im moving around it could accidentally turn up.

specs. Would like to see detailed specs or a frequency output graph of the amp i choose. (im an electronic junkie) the more specs the better.

dac.... well im one of those people that agrees to the saying do it right the first time, but a dac is optional... but definitely desired... also digital in is also desired as well. let me know if the amps you list have these options.

also, yes i have searched, but i like to hear from people who have more experience than me in the "portable audio world" im sure some of you can give some advice
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btw, the best option i have seen so far is the ibasso d1

looking for the best place to get this btw.

welcome to similar pieces.

obviously it doesnt have an adjustable gain switch (or controller) thats not that big of a deal if the "volume" knob is not very sensitive though... so feedback on this amp is appreciated as far as usability with various headphones and sources is concerned
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I mean, if it's not too big for you, a simple cMoy sounds like it would suit you. You can find them on eBay...the guy that sells them has very detailed specs there...I think his username is something like three3three.
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budget is under 300

definitely want better than the average cmoy... i will probably build one someday.

I really dont want to have to upgrade in the future so, the more input options the better. trying to find something like the ibasso... maybe cheaper, or atleast something with some real specs noted
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lol ok had sometime to dig into deep thought of what exactly im looking for... maybe i will get some more opinions after this post

fiber optic input is now out of the question. i will never use it.

amp will be used in my pocket most of the time. I know once i use the amp... i will never want to go back to my mp3 players output.

now the trick part.... Want something bare bones simple. No gain control is necessary but it does not bother me.... even though it could be accidentally switch in my pocket which scares me.

So i want an amp, with a dac that has no other switches but a possible gain control. no bass boost, an easy to use volume knob that has a very low sensitivity.... especially with no gain switch.

A published specs sheet.... output frequency graph is a huge bonus. (almost a must) surprised there aren't any published graphs. and power specs


ibasso d2 now seems to strike my attention.... but hasnt quite won me over without detailed specs.

lets not talk about sq.... my ears differ from yours so that debate will not be discussed.... i trust specs and graphs more than my ears and yours... im just an electronic junkie i guess

also my headphones are etymotic er4-p/s not tempted to upgrade yet
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just ordered a leckerton uha-3.... hope it suits me well... will post results, as soon as i have time to play around with it.

plan to do both power tests, and rta tests... though the rta tests are going to be hard to come by with rare access to one.

power test results will be done via a fluke o scope measuring max rms power at various frequencies. will also post "clipping points" at various frequencies assuming i can create a graph of my results.

looks promising as far as usability... seems small enough anyways

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