Plz recommend headphone like W80
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Mar 6, 2020
I really like sound like W80, but if there is something lacking, the separation of music and the sense of space are not good because of the characteristics of earphones.
Of course, very expensive earphones don't have any drawbacks, but the W80 has some coloration.
And there's a limit to the sense of space.
If the price is the same, the headphones of the same price are more likely to be expected, so I write like this.
I want all the voices, like W80 and Efficient Audio Arthur, to make a powerful, pouring sound. I want to have a sense of space that's a characteristic of headphones. Arthur has a very good sense of space, but the price is too high.
Please recommend a headphone with a price range similar to Sennheiser hd800.
I got the HD800 LCD-2 LCD-X recommendation from the Korean Sound Forum.
If you have a better one, or if you have a better one, please recommend one.

I am Korean and I am not good at English, so I repeat the noun and it may be translated wrong. I am sorry in advance and if you understand me kindly.
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First off, the translation is good and i understand you easy. Based on what you want i reccomend the Sennheiser hd800. Itll give you that space and seperation you want. I personally like the HD800S version. Dont overthink the hobby. Try to buy used so you can get your money back if you choose to get rid of it and try something new.



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