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Please suggest replacement earbuds

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by guzziguy, Oct 2, 2006.
  1. guzziguy
    Hi All,

    I had a friend ask me this in an email:
    I really don't know the various earbuds at all. Would you please suggest some that match his requirements?


    Edit: I told him about IEMs. He'd be interested in them two. Please suggest IEMs in that price range too.
  2. blazer78

    Sony MDR-E888
    Audio Technica CM7 Series
    Audio Technica CM700 Series
  3. ~Kaotic~
    Audio Technica CK7
    Sony EX-90SL (not the LP)
    JVC HA-FX77

    JVC FX55
    Creative EP630
    Sharp MD-33
  4. chef8489
    Westone Um1
    Shure e2c
    Ultimate ears super.fi.3
    sony ex71

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