Please recommend where i can get my iem / headphone cable reterminated in the UK

  1. sheridant
    I had a bad experience when i tried to get my cable terminations changed to 4.4mm balanced - fine to start with but not very robust and failed after a few weeks
    I'm looking for services in the UK

    Many thanks for your recommendations
  2. sheridant
    anybody ?
  3. sheridant
    please :)
  4. sheridant
    please :)
  5. headpfizer
    Could try these folks. Haven't used them myself. Looks like they might be able to help from the website. Only other I know in UK is Toxic but you'll have to wait months.
  6. Wyville
    I am very sorry to say that Toxic Cables is probably not an option anymore, as Frank passed away a few months ago.

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