Please help me repair my NAD HP30's. NAD has already told me to throw them away!

  1. faultfracture
    Because I'm fond of the HP50 and a brute for punishment when it comes to NAD poor quality control, I purchased the HP30 from Worldwide Stereo through eBay, I took them out of the box new and put them on my head one time and immediately heard some strong cracking noises and after about 40 seconds the headband snapped in two while on my head (microphonics really made that a hellacious noise!) I immediately contacted NAD and complained and they said they've never heard of anyone else having the problem I am (maybe because nobody is buying the HP30). And they told me to contact the authorized dealer that I purchased them from, fine and dandy because I received a full refund through the dealer but no offering of a replacement, I'm pretty sure they just wanted to be done with it instead of handing out another headphone that may break and incurring more warranty work... I contacted NAD again asking for a replacement headband because with it I could repair the headphones but they said they don't have any headbands for it and basically told me that it's disposable at this point...

    I've already attempted to use a beats studio v1 headband part as a replacement (cut to length) but it's too narrow and it needs to be accurate to the original to properly fit the slot in the NAD headband cover, any suggestions?
  2. dgindlespergerd
    Have you tried a poop load of JB weld.. Had to do that on a plastic break in a headphone that was not in warranty.

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