please help me. i can not choice amp or dock cable with ipop 6th classic
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Mar 22, 2008

i am worried amp or dock cable whit ipop 6th classic

i worried between iqube, voyager, govibe amp

so dock cable. dock cable is jumbo cyro dock(alo) and gold cap(qables)

you have recommend to me~

i like rock music, all rock style is like

i want to bass, lower-bass, clear, bright, full sound

how do you think about that?

pleases recommend~

thank you.;;;

i don't speaking english well.;;;
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You do fine with english.
If this is your first rig you may want to jump in with a bit of caution in case you decide to bail out. To that effect I would say that any of the entry level docs fromr ALO, Turbo, APS, etc. will be fine.

As far as an amp is concerned I am very partial to the MiniBox-E+, the Mini^3, Meier XXS, or the iBasso P2 (roll op-amps to improve on it). Good luck.

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