please help me decide buy an earphone
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Jun 28, 2013
hi I everyone, happy to be a member of headfi,I liked soundmagic e10, unfortunately lost them and I have ordered soundmagic e10s, they are good but volume is low compared to e10, my source of music is cowon I audio e3, ipod shuffle.kindly suggest some ear buds under 100 dollars with similar soundsignature to e10, I live in india so have limited brands availability. I have read good reviews about brainwavz m2 brainwavz m1, ,brainwavz s1,sennheiser momentum in ears,bose ie2, shure se 215,klipsch image s4,solo please suggest new one among them. thanks in advance
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The newer E10 and E10S models have a higher impedance now (something like 46 ohm instead of 16 ohm) so will sound less loud.
We've just got the Fidue A73 here in the last few minutes and they're another one to consider - I saw them on
Edit - they're a little bit brighter that the E10 but not much. Similar tuning with elevated bass/treble but with a little more midrange coming through I think. It's very clear. Great soundstage and imaging - a good upgrade if you fancy it.
We'll have the A73 on our site very shortly -
- It should be sitting next to the A71 when a page is created soon.
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I don't know about hifinage, I've never been to India and don't know the currency, so used that as a rough guide as to pricing in Rupees - I'm not recommending that specific outlet.
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How about the the mp3 layer I have ipod shuffle which is not that good sounding,cowon I audio e3 when played, in neutral it's not good at all but with some eq. Settings it sounds much better but..the output is quite low..can u suggest me a good pump, cowon I audio i9 costs 50 dollars or sandisk sansa clip. plus costs 100 dollars in india .
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The Fiio X1 is good which is 7,500 Rupees on Amazon in india - or the XDuoo X2 which is more like 4000 - I've not tried it but it seems to have good sound quality judging from reviews.
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Even I was considering fiio x1. .costing around 7000 rs, in just a month back some one sold sony nwz a 17 for 12000rs I missed again good about sansa clip plus..I have heard great things about it really that great?
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For the price, the Sansa Clip+ is an excellent mp3 player. However, it may not provide much (if any) more volume with your IEMs. The FiiO X1 has more power output. Fiio X3 even more if you can afford it.

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