Please help: Brainwavz Sheepskin on Fostex TH-610

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by eduncan911, Dec 19, 2017.
  1. eduncan911
    Per a few reviews, some were using the Brainwavz HM5 Sheepskin Angled earpads as replacements for the stock Fostex TH-610 ones. After I ordered all the parts and started the swap, I was surprised to find out the HM5 pads are oval whereas the Fostex ones are round. I guess they knew what they are talking about.

    After using my TH-610s for two weeks, I received my new earpads and slipped them on.

    They are awful: a complete loss of low-end and most mids are missing. I can hear the drum pedal strike the kick drum's skin, but that's about all I hear.

    I slipped on the original Fostex pads and got back all my sound!

    I tried a 2nd time and made extra sure it was sealed. I even attempted to bend the plastic ring inwards, towards the headphones to provide extra pressure onto the ear cup.

    Exact same results.

    I'm confused. I thought these pads were to enhance the sound, not kill it.

    If I press the cups hard onto my head, only some of the sound returns. This tells me it isn't a sealing issue.

    Please help! These ear pads feel so good and i can wear them all day, where the stock pads give my jawbone a bit of soreness after a few hours.
  2. sigmasix
    Might have sent you the wrong model perhaps, you mentioned the ones you have are oval in shape?

    There's an in depth thread on the Dekoni pads ( where each has a slightly different sound signature, but no loss as you describe.

    While they are different pads from the ones you have, the photos Dekoni all have a round shape with the oval inside, like the original 610's it seems.

    I've been researching lately and been looking at both pads as memory foam would be great, so hopefully you find a simple fix to the issue
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  3. eduncan911
    Thanks for the suggest of other pads! I may have to dig into those now. Yes, they were oval pads as those were the ones that the reviewer in the OP were using - and the only ones available as "angled" as the stock 610's pads are angled.

    I've been talking with Brainwavz' customer service for a while now without a resolution.

    First hint of something odd: they reply only in the middle of the night.

    After several back and forths, they are offering a refund for the pads under conditions:

    * I return the pads to Hong Kong - at my own expense. I wouldn't mind a US mailing address to return a defective product, but HK?!?!
    * The refund price may be deducted if opened or used. Of course they were used! Twice!

    I purchased the pads directly from their online store because Amazon had them out of stock. Amazon would have given me a return label for a defective part.

    At this time, I recommend steering clear of any products from Brainwavz.

    That's $40 down the drain...
  4. Natarian
    It's not defective though. When you change pads you change the sound signature and it is almost always for the worse. Stock pads are usually a certain shape, thickness and fabric for a reason.
  5. eduncan911
    Well, at least 2 others have the same pads and claim pure awesomeness with it with these exact headphones.

    I am getting no awesome sauce from it though.
  6. Natarian
    That's one of the problems with the audio community world, you can't really trust what anyone says other than your own experience.

    People will claim all their personal tastes are the bee's knees and when you try it - it may be awful.

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