Please advise: Left my Fiio X1 and E11K in a hot car
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May 2, 2015
Hello, I have owned my Fiio X1 & E11K amp for a week now. On Monday I received my new Audio Technica Ath-Cks77x headphones and to burn them in, I decided each day to leave the player running playing music left on my passenger seat in my car,
while I am at work for about 8 hours a day.

Well today at lunch time I noticed that it is really hot outside and went to my car and felt the back of the E11K and it was piping hot, I mean really hot so I switched off the amp and the Fiio X1 and have taken it inside to my office to cool down. It switches on and off without any problems.

Call me paranoid but I am worried the Heat could of done internal damage to my X1 and E11K. It must of been roughly 3 hours in a hot car while also playing music.
Do you think that it is ok and nothing permanent has been done to it?


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