Playback sync with 2 m-audio delta 1010lt's
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Jul 5, 2009
I recently switching my sound card to two M-audio Delta 1010lt's and sync'd together word clock via SPDIF. No problems there, clocks are sync'd and playback is fine on both cards. My issue is after doing a time alignment on all outputs/speakers (using both cards) and then rebooting the PC or unlocking the word clock sync in m-audio's control panel there is now a delay between the cards, usually its small, but it can range from 3ms to 100ms. They are still clock sync'd, but the delay between the cards output changes and hence any time alignment is now off between the two delta cards. I hope I am explaining that correctly.

Is there a way to correct this so on every reboot the cards wont be "off" from each other? I have tried using the BNC word clock sync, same thing.
Using Audiomulch with voxo sound delay plugin for time alignment if thats relevant.  Any help/advice is appreciate. 

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