Play Modern Warfare 2 with a Pair of Grado RS1's
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Originally Posted by wierddemon /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I backed myself in a corner and was afraid to go anywhere because I could hear footsteps and explosions all around me!

Has anyone else tried this?

I tried it once but as i reached the corner of my front room the headphone cable reached it's full extension and popped out of the amp, so the scary footsteps and explosions stopped. And not a moment too soon!
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Here is your mic Junliang: Zalman Microphone Zm-Mic1 High Sensitivity Headphone Microphone Retail: Electronics

I would strongly advise against buying this mic, I tried it with some DT880's and an astro mixamp and it hardly picked up my voice and when it did it was difficult to understand. I did several tests recording and playing back voice messages with the mic in different positions and all results were pretty much the same.
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I was playing a lot of Day of Defeat source with my HD650's and it was great, I could pin point where everyone was around me.
Grados just seem like a bad idea for gaming considering they have almost no sound stage.
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Ahh, yep. I play my 360 with my D7000s. MW2 is great; I can hear everything. I'm a little afraid to play Condemned again; the first time I played it, it scared me during certain levels and that was with a set of speakers. I can't imagine how it would be with headphones.
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Meh, used to play MW2 and CW on my 800 but I needed on-the-fly lightweight cans so switched over to ad900. Just got ME2 today so been playing that.
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Originally Posted by joomongj /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Just got ME2 today so been playing that.

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^ Lol I think what you are looking forward to is a closed in, in your face soundstage


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And besides that, try gaming with some headphones with excellent soundstage like ATs, Beyers or AKGs, you'll be blown away.

Lol I do game with ALO-780 and ATH-AD700.
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Never realised headphones played such a great role in gaming til i started reading posts on this forum for headphones "ideal for gaming" :p lol. Started using my DT770s and a bit of my K701s (amps in a diff room) which gives an interesting experience.
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Lol you gotta be kidding me. I find more of a change when using different headphones for games rather than music.
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Lol I knew about it about 2 months be4 I joined head-fi. I joined in June, posted a couple times and only started posting again in like november
. Had 53 posts about 3 months ago actually haha.

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