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Places and tips shopping iem in tiawan.

  1. KalvinK
    Hi, i'll be in taiwan for a month starting mid december. I've been doing some research online and discoevered places such as
    -MY IEM
    -JM Electronics
    -Pincha Audio
    -Music Hifi
    So far from what i see all the shops are selling at retail and doesn't give discounts. Is it fine to ask or its just a thing there?
    Opinions on the OC studio Orpheus MK5.5?
    Is there any place i can try the ER2SE? JM only carries the ER4(from what i see online)
    Will possibly be going to Tainan and Kauhsiung so lemme know if there's any shops there too.
    Is it safe to buy things online labelled 平輸? (if i'm not wrong they just import it privately)

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